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February 24, 2017

Olga Kwak

The first thought that came to mind upon seeing the images from Orla Kiely's S/S 2012 show was that of a fresh-faced young girl. The girl that Kiely designs for is so virginal, she could very well be a milkmaid. If I had grown up on a farm as a fresh-faced young milkmaid, I would certainly have been the kind to regularly slip away at sundown to lie in the haystacks and listen to music.

By Olga Kwak

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Olga Kwak

Toronto Canada

Olga Kwak is a Toronto-based jazz singer, who contributes to The Genteel on all matters fashion and music.  She studies privately with vocal coach Tom Schilling, a former Curtis Institute instructor, and has taken jazz workshops in Toronto and France. While she sings mainly jazz, she’ll really sing anything you’ll let her. In her “spare” time, she’s also a digital marketer and a writer. She lives a self-indulgent life with an orange tabby named Trotsky.

For some celebrities, even when they're dead, they're not really gone. Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain are two artists, each with a relatively small body of documented works, but who continue to exist in our collective conscience simply because their brilliance can't, or won't, be forgotten. But beyond their oeuvres, do their iconic looks play a part in their legacies?    

It's 1978 and my sister is squalling to life right before the dawn of a new decade. In a low-rise walk-up, Gina drops the needle onto the first record and puts on her outfit for the night. She's going dancing, baby, and there's nothing that can stop her.

In the Canadian Opera Company's production of Mozart's La clemenza di Tito, costume designer Terese Wadden creates a visual reminder of the universal themes in the Maestro's penultimate opera: youth, indecision, betrayal and, ultimately, forgiveness.

If you're curious about the zeitgeist, look no further than Toronto's | FAT | Arts & Fashion Week. The 200+ fashion designers and artists showcasing their work during the five-day event are more aware of the sign of the times than Marshall McLuhan and Noam Chomsky combined.

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