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February 24, 2017

Joel Yum

In an exclusive interview for The Genteel, photo essayist Joel Yum discusses one of a kind neckties, upcycling and inspiration from unlikely places with Keira Morgan, the Toronto designer behind men's and women's accessories label, Handsome & Lace.

By Joel Yum

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Joel Yum

Toronto Canada

Joel Yum is the photographer and founder of Born and raised in Toronto, Joel thinks you're awesome just the way you are and loves to photograph the unique and individual creativity we all bring to this earth.

As a child, Sam Shuter would watch her father get dressed in a suit each morning before work. Now an artist working under the alias Sammo, she's still attracted to the aesthetics of a man's suit, richly conveyed on canvas. Joel Yum sits down with Sammo to discuss her inspiration, career change, and how she is learning to embrace her mistakes.

As a child, Isabelle Choi practiced her drawings of Sailor Moon, but these days, she's translated her interest in the fashion world into beautiful fashion illustrations. Joel Yum sits down with Isabelle to talk about her work, the creative process and how she's transforming her illustrations in the digital age.

Stefanie Ayoub is a talented, Toronto-based fashion design gem. Illustration was Ayoub's first love, but she soon realised that her drawings tended towards clothing, and she made a natural transition into fashion design. Joel Yum spoke to Ayoub recently about her inspirations, discovering creative freedom in Paris and her plans for a no-rule future.

Joel Yum met up with Toronto-based fashion artist, illustrator and photographer, Lavinia Ungureanu to find out all about her creative inspirations, diverse portfolio and perception of fashion addiction in women's lives.

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