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February 28, 2021


(Photograph courtesy of Georgiadou-Christina and Pandemonia)

In the last few years, Pandemonia has graced the pages (and sometimes full-page spreads) of Vogue Italia, iD Magazine, Vice Style, Vanity Fair, Grazia, Ponystep and many more. And that's not even scratching the surface of the hundreds of photographic appearances on blogs and on television.

Born on a drawing board, Pandemonia has grown to become a fashion icon, a living piece of art that represents the UK's celebrity-obsessed society. She simultaneously portrays a character, story, celebrity, advertisement, media item and a woman who can work head-to-toe latex like you wouldn't believe!

I caught up with Pandemonia, the 7ft blonde bombshell and post-pop, conceptual fine artist to chat about fame, fashion and what it's like to be full of hot air.

(Photograph courtesy of Georgiadou-
Christina and Pandemonia)

Tracy Kawalik: Pandemonia is a regular on the front row. Which collections are you most excited about seeing during London Fashion Week next week?

Pandemonia: All of them! The designers always create something new and imaginative! I'm a big fan of London designers Pam Hogg and Ziad Ghanem, but my favourite show of all time that I have attended was Charlie Le Mindu's collection from September 2010.

TK: You have received some incredible press lately. What publication were you most excited to be featured in?

P: All the ones that gave me a full-page spread. I absolutely love them. Who can resist that?!

TK: Do you feel a lot of pressure now with so many media eyes upon you?

P: With an inflated head like mine, it protects me from pressure.

TK: What trends are you embracing for S/S 2012?

P: Colour and shine. In my eyes, they never go out of style!

TK: Miss Pandemonia is loved around the world. Can we expect to see you attending Paris or Milan fashion weeks soon or, better yet, on the runway?

P: Pandemonia loves Paris! We are currently establishing relationships with designers in Paris, Milan and New York, so hopefully sooner rather than later.

As far as strutting down the catwalk myself, I am a people person. I prefer to sit amongst the audience. I feel comfortable amongst the people. And really…why do the runway when everyone can see you all the time on the front row?

TK: Pandemonia's style is so imaginative and innovative; do you ever see admirers copying your look?

P: I haven't met anyone copying me yet, although I am sure there are some who are trying. My work is very distinctive and the concept so unique. Physically, it's hard to reproduce because my patterns are so complex and there aren't many people with my stature. Pandemonia's larger than life!

And really...why do the runway when everyone can see you all the time on the front row?

TK: Do you design your outfits yourself or commission designers? Where does someone so fabulous and unique go to shop?

P: I make all my own work in keeping with the "Pandemonia" persona. That way I maintain the Pandemonia signature and can translate all my ideas into my art.

TK: I read in a recent interview that you were approached last year to design for a very famous pop star, but turned it down. Would you design for other artists in the future?

P: Lady Gaga's people contacted me last year about doing something for her, but I didn't feel it was quite right and so I didn't get back to them.

P: So far I have refused to design for other artists. I would consider designing something for someone if it fit into my concept. I don't want my work subverted or overshadowed.

TK: You're always rubbing elbows with the rich, fashionable and famous. What has been the most star-studded affair that you have attended?

P: What is a star nowadays anyway? A star in my eyes is any creative person!

Every time I attend an event, the "stars" seem to gravitate towards me! It makes me feel like a magnet!

(Photograph courtesy of
Georgiadou-Christina and Pandemonia)

TK: Have there been any celebrities who took your breath away in real life?

P: Yes! Mick Jagger's ex-wife Jerry Hall, who is almost as tall as me. She's a beautifully statuesque woman and I love her fabulous long mane!

TK: Dolly Parton once said she would not leave the house - even if she was being rushed to the hospital - without some lipstick and a wig on. You always look so immaculately put together. Do you ever have days when you dress down?

P: Good for Dolly! I'm what they call a "ready made." My lips are stuck on and my hair's always buoyant! Image is everything. It's so important to keep up appearances. You should see my wardrobe… it's very extensive. I have something for every occasion!

TK: You wrote on your blog that it is a dream of yours to have an art studio on the seaside in France with your little dog Snowy. Is that still your dream?

P: Yes, I would like that so much. You know, the South of France is real Poodle Country! Maybe I could also go into breading pedigree dogs too. Snowy needs a friend!

TK: Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Do you have any romantic plans, or a special date?

P: Snowy and I have a double date at a secret central London location.

TK: What can we expect to see in the future from Pandemonia?

P: I am set to launch my own line of silk screened self-portraits and next year I am doing a sculpture show. It is going to be a continuation of my ideas, a blend of commercialism, fashion and art; a temple to commercialism! I am taking it to the next level!



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