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April 16, 2021


Made With Milk A/W 2011 collection.

The nutritional benefits and uses of milk are widely known. Milk products are used extensively in the beauty industry, and have been since ancient times. Cleopatra famously bathed herself in donkey's milk, which was believed to moisturise the skin and keep it silky smooth.

But far beyond the well-established uses of dairy products, Chiara Pochetti and Vera Facchetti united their mutual love of fashion to create Made with Milk, a brand that uses fabric made from milk fibres for its collections. 

In the 1930s, Italian chemist Antonio Ferreti began experimenting with casein, a protein in milk. Casein is extracted from the residue of milk fat and then processed to produce threads which are then spun into yarn. He was able to develop casein fibres that were pliable and that shared many properties of wool. They can be coloured with the same dyes, spun alone or mixed with other fibres and can be woven using the same machines. Most interestingly, the fabric retains the amino acids in milk that nourish and soften the skin.

Ferreti sold his patents to Italian rayon firm SNIA Viscosa, which developed the large scale manufacture of these fibres. By 1937, milk fabrics were ready to be sold under the name "Lanital" (from the Italian word "lana," meaning wool).

The collection includes their very first jean pant produced with milk fibre - as practical as a conventional pair of jeans but soft and silky to the touch.

Casein's success in Italy can be traced to the historical period: the fascist regime in Italy after the First World War and its leader Benito Mussolini used the invention as a social propaganda tool to promote the economic self-sufficiency of Italy. After the Second World War, however, Lanital was replaced by new artificial fabrics such as acrylic.

From the start of their venture, it was clear to Pochetti and Facchetti that their designs and fabrics should reflect everything they wished to infuse in their creations; sweetness, purity, grace and natural beauty. Each of their glam-chic designs reflects these characteristics - as does their muse, Grace Kelly.

The brand's name arose naturally, and before long its logo was created: a stylised milk bottle with soft, rounded lettering. Made with Milk's first collection was released in 2011, featuring 19 pieces produced with milk fibre and other natural fabrics, such as cashmere and silk.

Made with Milk's A/W 2012 collection is minimal, but with touches of romanticism. The colour palette is enough to make one's mouth water: shades that resemble butter, cream, vanilla and strawberry milkshakes. 


The collection includes their very first jean pant produced with milk fibre - as practical as a conventional pair of jeans but soft and silky to the touch, and styled with a 1970s look. Definitely a must have!

Pochetti and Facchetti draw inspiration from the contemporary woman: simultaneously feminine and sensual, yet confident and strong. Made with Milk may be found at "Brian & Berry" in Milan and Monza. Pochetti and Facchetti have also recently announced plans to open a showroom, likely in Milan.

Shopping that's good for you and the environment. Definitely not your ordinary cup of tea...or, should I say, milk?



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