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February 25, 2021


Image courtesy of We Are Handsome and Pffifer Pr.

Despite only two years on the fashion scene, Australian swimsuit brand We are Handsome has been making big waves. The brand's iconic roaring prints and slinky silhouettes have appeared in the pages of Harper's Bazaar and Australian Vogue, not to mention on dozens of A-list glamazons. 

We Are Handsome has skyrocketed to become one of Australia's brightest fashion stars, and has produced some of the most exciting luxury swimwear collections in recent years. Their bold and edgy designs have been spotted on the likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry, Tyra Banks and Jessica Biel.

Original, inspiring and Australian down to the last stitch, designers Jeremy Somers and Indhra Chagoury are the real deal. Each suit is produced with great attention to detail and creativity. Each of Somers and Chagoury's limited edition, high quality suits are flattering while still playful, imaginative and cheeky.

The Genteel sat down with We are Handsome's leading man, Jeremy Somers, to find out what we can expect to see poolside this season from our favourite designers down under.

Image courtesy of We Are Handsome and Pffifer Pr.

Tracy Kawalik: We Are Handsome is still in its infancy, yet its success has been phenomenal. Where are most of your clients are based?

Jeremy Somers: Our fanbase really is split worldwide. We have a big following here at home in Oz, but both in Europe and the USA we're well loved too! 

TK: What type of woman does We Are Handsome target?

JS: She is definitely confident in her own skin. She's outgoing, never stops smiling and knows what she wants. 

TK: Where does your inspiration come from?

JS: We design for us and for our "girl." Our inspirations always come from within and what feels right in the moment.

TK: Your suits have been seen on dozens of A-list bodies, from Tyra Banks to Florence Welch. Who has been the most exciting celebrity to wear the brand?

JS: It's hard to choose - everyone is so different and styles the brand in their own way. Diane Kruger wears it more subtly with a certain chic elegance, whereas someone like Rihanna is daring and wears it to make a statement! We're just grateful that they all love our stuff as much as we do.

TK: You use a lot of animals on your suits. Have you picked a favourite?

JS: We love (and name!) all our animals. Again, it's hard to choose a favorite but I think this season's snow leopard - his name is Kingsley - in the black and white is really a standout for me.

TK: What has been the most memorable or personal image used on your suits?

JS: The romantic collection, The Secret Garden, has pictures of ours, our friends and our family's puppies hidden in flowers, and is by far the most personal print we've made!

Image courtesy of We Are Handsome and Pffifer Pr.

TK: Do you capture all the images yourself?

JS: We use a combination of images that I've shot and images we've bought from other sources. Each image is carefully chosen and then composited with many others to produce the final print. Hint - some of our designs have up to 15 images to make just one picture!

TK: Why work with such striking images in your brand?

JS: It's hard to decipher where ideas come from, but we knew that we had something special after our first few samples came back. That's when we decided to "give it a go" and try to sell some. Every day we pinch ourselves at what we've built and created, it's really beyond our dreams.

TK: Your website, ad campaigns and other imagery are quite eye-catching. Do you or Indrha have a background in photography, art or directing?

JS: I have been obsessed with photography since I was 15. It's what I studied at university. I have decades of experience and passion, and photograph every day. Recently I've really taken to Instagram and it's allowing me to shoot more and share with all our fans instantly - it's wonderful!

TK: What do you feel is the secret behind your success?

JS: We know it's a combination of things, but it IS still a secret - and one that we're not giving it away so easily!

TK: What was the inspiration behind The Romantic?

JS: As always, it comes together over a few months of working on the ideas, inspirations and prints. We keep culling and making new things until we feel it's perfect. We do feel that The Romantic is our best yet - but just wait until you see what we have coming up this year!

TK: What does the future hold for We are Handsome?

JS: We have lots in the pipeline, but it's always a secret until it's not!



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