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April 21, 2021


Badgley Mischka 20th anniversary campaign. Source:

Given the number of start-up social networks that emerge and crash each quarter, it can be difficult to leave the comforts of Facebook and Twitter. After all, who wants to invest time into a website that will be gone by the time you've actually become accustomed to using it?

Businesses also work on the same level of sentiment. Online marketing companies such as my own, SocialVictory, create engaging online content for businesses across multiple platforms but the choice of platforms can make or break a campaign. While virtually all of the smaller social networks are glanced over by business accounts due to size, clout and scalability, Badgley Mischka and Bergdorf Goodman have found their social media darling in a not-so-surprising, yet relatively new, place: Pinterest.

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From the 2013 Resort Collection.

Teaming up to showcase a preview of Badgley Mischka's 2013 resort collection, the event managed to garner over 21,000 followers using only 10 photos and one hashtag. Given its highly visual and highly sharable nature, the Pinterest platform seems to be a perfect match for the fashion industry when pitted against Facebook, Twitter and the like. Taking the campaign one step further, Badgley Mischka and Bergdorf Goodman joined forces to "live-pin" photos from the show; allowing online onlookers and shoppers to view pieces the second they were released.

"Live-pinning" gives the consumer the feeling of attending an exclusive event - even if they're just sitting in their living room. Similar to the live-streaming of runway events, live-pinning gives the consumer to-the-second updates, traditionally only given to fashion insiders. Why wait weeks for the next issue of Vogue when you can see the same show the editors do?

The one major advantage Pinterest has over live video is its greater ability to be shared. While Twitter is text-based and Facebook is a jumble of text and visuals, Pinterest succeeds in having a consistently familiar interface; sustaining public interest and longevity as a platform. Instead of having personal or company feeds that correlate the most recent material to the top, Pinterest boards create lasting collections that can easily be referred to months later.

With many distributors picking up the online social side of the companies they represent, it is fascinating to see physical and online retail spaces following suit.

With its reputation as an e-commerce booster, Pinterest allowed Badgley Mishchka to capitalise on a network that is more and more becoming a go-to for online shopping, despite the fact that nothing is actually sold on-site. No stranger to the online social landscape, Bergdorf Goodman has become known for its use of social platforms to increase engagement with brands (such as their interactive footwear map of New York).

With many distributors picking up the online social side of the companies they represent, it is fascinating to see physical and online retail spaces following suit. Pinterest's audience statistics are certainly nothing to scoff at, with an 80% female population predominantly between the ages of 25 and 54.

While Pinterest gains clout and the support of more designers, retailers and distributors, the next step is having the site itself become a viable source of income. With competition from other groups such as The Fancy, Pinterest may be on the verge of monetising the site: a move that could entice fashion houses even more. As more outfitters such as Badgley Mischka and Bergdorf Goodman become regular contributors, you're sure to see more of your favorites popping up on the site.

So, are you pinning?



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