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March 9, 2021


Yayoi Kusama and her Polka Dots. Source:

The Genteel editors on what we're seeing, doing, reading and anticipating for the week ahead.


TORONTO - 60 Years of Designing the Ballet. An intimate look at design at one of Canada's most celebrated treasures - the National Ballet of Canada. Unique to this exhibition is that the players themselves - the designers, dancers, creative directors, amongst others - are invited to comment on the process of designing costumes, dance, lighting, sets and so on. Design Exchange (until Sep 2, 2012).

The Genteel's Alina Kulesh interviewed exhibit curator and seasoned costume designer, Caroline O'Brien, on the fashion of the ballet. 

Willis from Giselle, designed by Desmond Heeley.
Photograph by Setareh Sarmadi.

TORONTO - The Tutu ProjectIn celebration of its 60th anniversary, The National Ballet of Canada has engaged friends, audience members and professional designers from across the country to participate in this interactive and international art and community-outreach project. The Tutu Project features pieces by Canadian fashion designers such as David Dixon and Juma and artists including Julie Moon and Tania Sanhueza. Design Exchange (until Sep 2, 2012).

Alina Kulesh provides a dazzling account of 60 Years of Designing the Ballet and The Tutu Project at the Design Exchange in Toronto, a project that has captured Canada's diversity, abundant creativity and strong communal support.

LONDON - Britain Creates 2012: Fashion + Art Collusion. In an effort to acknowledge and promote the longstanding relationship between fashion and art, leading British fashion designers and visual artists collaborate in a ground-breaking series of works commissioned as part of the London 2012 Festival. Victoria and Albert Museum (until July 29, 2012).

NEW YORK - Louis Vuitton unveils its collaboration with Yayoi Kusama with window installations at its flagship Manhattan store on Fifth Avenue on July 10, paying tribute to three of Kusama's signature motifs: "Beginning of the Universe," "Eternal Blooming Flowers in My Mind" and "Self Obliteration." At the same time, the new Kusama retrospective opened Thursday at the Whitney Museum of American Art(until Sept 30, 2012).

Paul Smith + Charming Baker
"Triumph in the Face of Absurdity"
© Matthew Hollow.


On the Front Line: The Collected Journalism of Marie Colvin. A collection of the late Sunday Times war journalist Marie Colvin's finest works. Colvin was killed in February 2012, covering the uprising in Syria from the besieged city of Homs. On the Front Line provides readers with an intimate dispatch of modern conflict in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Chechnya, East Timor and more.


Monocle - In Fashion ForwardGillian Dobias scopes fashion talent of the future at the graduation shows and the class of 2012 of The Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts' Fashion Department. Famous alumni of the Academy are the Antwerp Six

Chictopia - The latest in menswear is of the dress variety. Officially referred to as a "tunic," this new silhouette is sweeping fashion and changing up the options in menswear fast. Dude Looks Like a Lady

CNN - Juliet Mann speaks to a company in Hanover that is really milking the fashion industry. Find out how two independent fashion labels in Italy are doing the same in The Genteel's Re-Fashioning the Planet and The Milky Way of Fashion

The Independent - Experiencing Olympic buzz ennui? London also plays host to Chap Olympiad for the genteel and the dandy. Sports include umbrella jousting and gentleman's club golf.

The Telegraph - Fashionable Tight Denims are causing twisted testicles, bladder weakness and even urinary tract infections amongst men.



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