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March 7, 2021


After the success of its inaugural season, London Collections Men is set to return in January 2013. Source:

The Genteel editors on what we're seeing, doing, reading and anticipating for the week ahead.

Powder Room Indian Fashion Industry

Powder Room: the Untold Story
of Indian Fashion.



LONDON - Africa Fashion Week London. AFWL is a collaborative fashion exhibition, highlighting the industry's premier African prints and designers. Spitalfields Market (August 3-4).

LONDON Utterly Elegant. As part of the Exhibition Road Show (not to be confused with Antiques Road Show!), fashion photographer Marius Hansen revives the V&A's Day of Record series; join Noel Stewart's millinery workshop to complete your look; be led on an elegant whirlwind performance by Dante or Die; and take a twirl on the Road Show's outdoor Ballroom, where the London Banqueting Orchestra will entertain with ballroom classics followed by Bishi, reinventing Cool Britannia with her bold and daring live performance.
 Utterly Elegant is a complement to the V&A's concurrent exhibition, Ballgowns: British Glamour Since 1950.
 Exhibition Road (August 3).

COPENHAGEN - Copenhagen Fashion Week 2012. Every February and August, Copenhagen hosts the Scandinavia's largest fashion event, Copenhagen Fashion Week. Meanwhile, the four trade fairs, Vision, Gallery, CIFF/CIFF KIDS and CPH Kids, boast upwards of 1,100 exhibitors representing more than 2,400 international collections in all categories of style. Tap 2 (August 8-12).

OSLO Oslo Fashion Week 2012. Copenhagen passes the Scandinavian fashion baton to Oslo. Samfunnssalen, Arbeidersamfunnets plass 1 (August 13-19). 


Powder Room: The Untold Story of Indian Fashion (Random House India). Shefalee Vasudev, fashion journalist and former editor of Marie Claire, dives deep into the gagging depths of Indian fashion. In Powder Room, she offers an insider's view of the people who make the industry what it is. From a lower middle class girl who sells global luxury for a living to a designer who fights the inner demons of child sexual abuse yet manages to survive and thrive in the business of fashion, or a Ludhiana housewife on a perpetual fashion high. Besides candid interviews of known names in Indian fashion, Vasudev provides commentary on new social behaviour, urban culture, generational differences, and the compulsions behind conspicuous consumption in a country splitting at the seams with inequalities of opportunity and wealth.

London Collections Men Hackett
Hackett at London Collections: Men.


The Queen of Versailles. With the epic dimensions of a Shakespearean tragedy, The Queen of Versailles follows billionaires Jackie and David's rags-to-riches story to uncover the innate virtues and flaws of the American dream. The film opens with the triumphant construction of the biggest house in America, a sprawling, 90,000-square-foot mansion inspired by Versailles. The economic crisis brings progress to a halt and seals the fate of its owners. We witness the impact of this turn of fortune over the next two years in a riveting film fraught with delusion, denial and self-effacing humor.


Business of Fashion / New York Times - From style blogging to multiple revenue streams: BoF talks with Leandra Medine (aka The Man Repeller) and the New York Times profiles Tavi Gevinson.

New York Times - What will become of New York City's historic garment district?

Tavi Gevinson blogging revenue streams

Tavi Gevinson goes from style blogging
to multiple revenue streams.

The Daily Beast - Just before the Arab Spring, Vogue writer Joan Juliet Buck did an infamous interview with Syria's first lady, Asma al-Assad. For the first time, Buck tells her side of the story: she was duped. Read Olivia Wilbury's commentary on Buck's original Vogue piece in The Genteel. Watch for Ms. Wilbury's thoughts on Buck's response early next week.

Chictopia - With fashion week season approaching, Chictopia names 12 of the most watched fashion mavens, including Preetma Singh.

Guardian - Downton Abbey inspires the fashion world as "Edwardiana" set to be a key look for fallRead The Genteel's piece on Downton Abbey's appeal to our collective cultural imagination. 

Telegraph David Walmsley is thrilled - London Collections: Men looks set to stay as the British Fashion Council announces that it will return in January 2013. Read Mr. Walmsley's piece on the inaugural London Collections: Men on The Genteel.



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