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February 28, 2021


Mario Testino In Your Face opens this week at Boston's Museum of FIne Arts. Source:

The Genteel editors on what we're seeing, doing, reading and anticipating for the week ahead.


NEW YORK - Faking it: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop. Over the past two decades, digital technology has made us all more keenly aware of the malleability of the photographic image, and many lament a loss of faith in the testimony of the camera. What we have gained, however, is a fresh perspective on the history of the medium and its complex relationship to visual truth. Through today's eyes, we can see that the old adage "the camera never lies" has always been photography's supreme fiction. Metropolitan Museum of Art (until January 27, 2013).

BOSTON - Mario Testino In Your Face. "In Your Face" offers a provocative inside look at some of today's most elusive and exclusive subjects through the lens of renowned fashion and portrait photographer, Mario Testino. Testino gives a career retrospective arranged in compelling visual stories. The images capture the interplay of mass media, celebrity and glamour, and offer a new understanding of his influence and aesthetic contributions to fashion and photography. Museum of Fine Arts (October 21, 2012 - February 3, 2013). 

Watch for Briana Palma's review of In Your Face next week in The Genteel.

Mario Testino In Your Face
Mario Testino In Your Face opens in Boston.

WASHINGTON DC - Ai Wei Wei: According to What? Ai Wei Wei is one of China's most prolific and contemporary artists. He has also become recognised internationally for his actions that challenge the political status quo in China. Despite his arrest and detention for 81 days in 2011, the artist has continued to create art that transcends dualities between East and West, focusing on fundamental questions about the interrelations between art, culture, society and individual experience. This exhibition demonstrates Ai's broad artistic practice and includes sculpture, photography, audio, video and site-specific installations. In each piece, Ai emphasises the value and place of the individual within society. Hirshhorn Museum (until February 24, 2013).

TORONTO - World MasterCard Fashion Week. David Pecaut Square (October 22-26).

PARIS - Impressionism and Fashion. Although they did not strive to render scrupulously the physiognomy, costume or habit, the Impressionists nevertheless accounted for the fashions and attitudes of their times. They achieved this through their keenness to consider the portrait as a snapshot of a person in his/her familiar settings, through their ability to renew the genre works from the double point of view of typology and topography and above all through their attention to the "daily metamorphosis of exterior things," as Baudelaire put it. With their aesthetic positions, the reality of men and women of the years between 1860 and 1880 and their clothes underwent an undisputable transfiguration. Musee d'Orsay (until January 20, 2013).

MOSCOW - The Little Black Jacket. The Little Black Jacket is Lagerfeld's latest exhibit as a photographer. Taken over the course of a year, the project features over 100 photos of famous personalities and artists wearing Chanel's iconic black jacket. Artplay Design Centre (October 20 - November 11, 2012).

SEOUL - Seoul Fashion Week. War Memorial of Korea - Xi Gallery (October 22-28).


Alexander McQueen: Evolution (Race Point Publishing)From Jack the Ripper Stalks His Victims, his 1992 graduate collection, to Plato's Atlantis, the last show before his death in 2010, Lee Alexander McQueen found inspiration for his avant-garde collections everywhere. Whatever his inspiration, however, McQueen's concept for his runway show came first and was crucial to the development of his collections. Every show had a narrative and was staged with his characteristic dramatic flair. Illustrated throughout with stunning photography and liberally sprinkled with quotations from McQueen and those who knew him best, Alexander McQueen: Evolution is the story of the designer's 35 runway shows and the genius behind them. 

Alexander McQueen Life Legacy
Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf Goodman 
111 years of the iconic Manhattan. 

Alexander McQueen: the Life and the Legacy (Harper Design). An intimate and revealing look at the personal and professional life of the fashion world's most visionary designer. The book strips away the layers of legend surrounding Alexander McQueen, revealing the sartorial genius and true history of the man who reinvented modern fashion. Uncovering new details about McQueen's humble childhood in East London, author Judith Watt traces the young designer's ascent - from his graduate collection at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design to his over-the-top runway shows to the designs he created just days before his death at age forty. This fully illustrated portrait delivers a truly comprehensive, in-depth look at the most provocative designer of a generation. (Release October 30).

Mario Testino In Your Face (Taschen). This unorthodox collection of various images chosen by Testino from the span of his 30-year career reflects the diversity of his work, ranging from fashion and advertising shots to sexually-charged images and autobiographical photos.


Financial Times - Is fashion blogging viable as a long-term business? FT interviews a handful of bloggers who are making it work.

New York Times Style Magazine - Couture or not couture? Suzy Menkes questions the difference.

New York Times - Growing a brand across cultures: talking to Ravi Thakran, president of LVMH for Asia & the Middle East. 

Guardian - Street Style: Frieze London 2012 edition. "I come to Frieze every year because everything about it is brilliant and inspiring. I love anything colourful. My dress is by Diane von Furstenburg, my shoes are from Italy and I've had my bag since the 1980s."

The Economist Intelligent Life - Dressing your other half: shopping telepathy is a seductive idea, but Rebecca Willis warns that buying clothes for your significant other can be fraught with hidden messages.



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