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April 22, 2021


Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Source:

As 2012 comes to an end, we pick our favourite Culture stories of the year.


Fashion and the Tale. From Christian Grey to Jay Gatsby, Alina Kulesh explores the influence of literary heroes in current fashion collections - illustrating the thin line between fiction and fashion.


In the Name of Qalandiya. On the border of clashing Israel and Palestine is a small village where conflict and creativity coexist. Qalandiya is a Palestinian village in the West Bank, mainly known as the site of an infamous Israeli checkpoint that separates East Jerusalem from the West Bank. But as Cristina Fei discovers in a conversation with Qalandiya International artistic director, Jack Persekian, a new biennial art exhibition is aiming to repair Qalandiya's reputation on the world stage.


A Lecture on Men. Nabbing the attention of male consumers is not difficult - creating a sense of connection to styling habits, however, is a whole other ballgame. A new presentation at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, explores how one magazine in the 1980s managed to connect the dots and transform the culture of menswear reporting.


The Value of Art Theft. The recent multimillion-dollar case of stolen paintings from Rotterdam's Kunsthal Museum probes the question: what makes art theft so illicit?


The Spark of Diego and Frida. The Art Gallery of Ontario's new exhibit, Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics and Painting, exposes the burning passion of the worlds of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Rivera's grandiose work once overshadowed the intimate oeuvre of Kahlo, but now the tables have turned. Alina Kulesh wanders down their artistic path, learning that opposites do attract - both in love and in art.


Experimental Iceland. Young, experimental, exploratory: all words that could characterise today's Iceland - and not just their recovering economy. With designers turning out inventive pieces ranging from Reykjavik harbour-inspired pants to a piecemealed polar bear rug, the fashion industry has emerged as a key player in the country's future.


The Curtain Rises: From Shakespeare to Grime. The Curtain Theatre in London's East End, where William Shakespeare once staged his plays is now a hotbed of grime music, a distinctly British art form in which wordsmiths contort the English language into a barrage of rhythmical storytelling. Can the inner-city soundscape of grime be considered the unruly and streetwise love child of the Bard himself?


Klimt and the Birth of Modern Fashion. Viennese painter Gustav Klimt is famous for his allegoric portraits of voluptuous women and golden geometric motifs. His more chaste works, however, depict wealthy members of the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy, and provide stunning visual insight into Belle Époque fashion. Claudia Costa unveils the story behind these paintings and explores Klimt's ventures into fashion. 



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