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July 6, 2020


The Genteel x Private White: Holiday Sophistication Style Guide

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With the holiday season fast approaching, it's time to starting thinking about your vacation options and, of course, your wardrobe. Your holiday wardrobe for 2013 will depend on your destination; sharp suits for city breaks and cut-off denims for midnight strolls along the beach. Blazers, shorts and tailored shirts are in the limelight this year, but if you're confused about what to pack, we have some tips for comfortable dressing to match your surroundings. Check out Private White's column by The Genteel's CEO, Mona Chammas, on Private White.

James Eden, CEO of Private White V.C

The City Break - New York, Rome, Rio and beyond

In many respects, it's easier to pack for a beach holiday than it is for a city break. All you really need is light, cool clothing for the beach, but city breaks come with a whole host of dilemmas: dressing smartly for shopping trips, what to wear for evenings out and how to stay cool and comfortable whilst wandering around the streets of the world's most luxurious cities.

Junya Watanabe MAN 
Spring 2013.

Source: High Snobiety.

If you've chosen to combine a city break with the glorious weather of Rio or Rome, you’ll need to consider how to look sharp without overheating in a full suit. Jeans and a plain shirt are an option, but this year's blazer and shorts combination is a must.

Short suits are all over the catwalk this season by everyone from Richard James to Raf Simons. They make the perfect day to night outfit; remove the jacket during the day, and throw it back on during chillier evenings to add a layer of effortless style. Separates are a great way to achieve the same look, and also mean you can get a creative with your choices.

Slim Combat Shorts.

When visiting a city, choosing nicely tailored shorts like the Private White slim combat shorts, is a great way to stay cool and look sharp. They're also practical, which is essential when discovering the delights of a city; the front pockets are deep enough to carry your belongings whilst maintaining an air of sophistication. The chambray denim effect is also perfect for more relaxed strolls around the city, without being too relaxed.

If you choose a light jacket or blazer to complete your short suit look, then be as creative as you like with colours, patterns, and even adding accessories such as handkerchiefs. A plain blazer, such as the DB mufti blazer from our Private White collection, is perfect for adding accessories and/or playing with your choice of top. Another feature to look out for is the weight of the blazer. The DB mufti blazer one is lightweight and breathable, but heavy enough to keep you warm once the sun has set.

The Beach Dweller - From Hawaii to the Maldives

If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the rat race, then you may have picked a paradise destination at one of the world’s glorious beach resorts. 

Much like women's fashion, men also need to consider how they move from beach to bar easily whilst maintaining their style. The simple option is to pick a tailored t-shirt, one that is seemingly plain, but looks effortless and relaxed.

Henley Short Sleeve Tee.

The Henley short sleeve tee is perfect for slipping on for a stroll through local towns but smart enough to take you to the bar in the evening. The button detailing along the neckline gives this t-shirt an extra layer of design and fun.

Shorts will almost certainly be your staple throughout your holiday, and there are many styles available for S/S 2013. Choosing the right pair will come down to your body shape, colour preferences and the overall look you want to project.

The obvious choice for a beach holiday is a white or lighter coloured short. White, in particular, is in the spotlight for 2013, making appearances at Ralph Lauren all the way through to the high street. If you choose white shorts, whether they’re combat, swim or tailored, get creative with your t-shirts. You can be bold, bright or, if you feel daring enough, try the white on white look.



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