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April 16, 2021


Karen Walker

Medium Enamel Bangle


I love this cuff because it is so versatile. Pair it with any outfit - evening or daytime casual - and look elegant instantly. The prints are playful against the black and gold enamel. I'm a minimalist so it'll be just this one on my wrist, but if you're inclined, stack it with other colours and motifs from the same collection.


Fibrous Overcoat




In case you haven't been checking the street style circuit, oversized coats are in. And not the kind you borrow from granddad. This overcoat is both cosy and chic with an expressive statement colour to set you on your way to your Christmas party. Team it up with sexy heels or a pair of black oxfords.

Twisted Sisters

Kirstin Silk Blouse

You can't go wrong with a few more to top off your wardrobe. Achieve an effortlessly chic look with this Kirstin Silk Blouse. It will always be in style and the best part is you can dress it down or up depending on the occasion. This nude silk blouse is simple and delicately sophisticated for every day wear.




Twisted Sisters

Stella Feather Skirt



I have a feather cape almost identical in style to this skirt, and absolutely adore parading around in it - with all the flamboyance of a peacock. It was the perfect conversation starter at London Fashion Week S/S'14, with everyone asking where it was from. (Note: They also all wanted to stroke the feathers, so be warned!). Likewise, this skirt is quirky, unique and unexpectedly sexy - perfect for a fashionable twist on the Christmas party outfit.





Twisted Sisters

Gladys Silk Blouse


Dear Santa, what I really need for Christmas is a classic silk blouse - says every woman, every year. Versatile yet glamorous, this simple wardrobe piece will remain a staple wear throughout the whole of 2014. Dress it down with a pair of jeans for the weekend, with black tapered trousers for work, or with an embellished pencil skirt and simple necklace for the evening.


Midnight Cuff


Jewellery has the power to make or break an outfit; add too much and it can overwhelm a look, but leave it out and the space will show. I love wearing bold pieces - but I always keep it to just one statement piece each time. This 22k carat gold plated midnight cuff is simple yet elegantly crafted, in classic gold and black onyx hues for the perfect autumn/winter look. The vines around the thick band remind me of gnarled tree roots bursting from the ground.



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