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April 21, 2021


Five x Five: Battenberg-Cartwright

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Wuthering Heights inspired. Photograph courtesy of Battenberg-Cartwright.

When Londoners Nora and Paul Battenberg-Cartwright present their label’s latest collection in Berlin today, fashion will collide with their extensive visual arts backgrounds. The result: an unexpected symbiosis on the runway.

1. What do you find so special about the style scene in Berlin?

Berlin Fashion Week is great for us because its eco-fashion scene is so advanced. We feel that, as a city, Berlin has much to offer in terms of “green fashion.” Being in London, we are constantly seeing differences - as well as similarities -between these two great capitals. Internationally, Berlin is one of - if not the - leading capital for green fashion. Many of the other capitals could learn a great deal from it!

2. Why do you choose to not present at London Fashion Week?

There is something to be said for Berlin’s ability to dedicate a whole show floor to ecological fashion. Perhaps we will show at London in the future, but currently we have no plans. We have been invited to show at Vancouver Fashion Week (and we might also look into it in the future), but again, we’re more attached to working with the eco catwalk scene in Berlin right now.


Photograph courtesy of Battenberg-Cartwright.

3. What’s the biggest difference between the fashion scene in Berlin and London?

We feel that London is much quirkier, and the “hipster style” is much more abundant in Berlin. The designs we showcase here are very much inspired by living and working in London, and it’s always fun to mix both fashion scenes to create pieces that are, in essence, half German and half English.

4. How many pieces do you have in your collection? Where do you sell most of your clothes?

We are showing 25 outfits in this collection. Our main area of selling is commission focused for private clients, but we are currently in talks to push our ready-to-wear collection alongside custom projects later this year.

5. What inspired your “Wuthering Heights” collection? 

We were originally taken by the typical colours of a Scottish tartan, and designed several first initial ideas with this is mind. Whilst we were on a trip to Yorkshire, the notion of the novel came about with the first pieces that were created, and we could really see them situated well in the moorlands. It was at this point that we started looking into Bronte’s tale to further conceptualize the garments as a collection.

Battenberg-Cartwright brings “Wuthering Heights” to Showfloor Berlin at 22.30 DST. Also this Thursday, January 17th at Berlin Fashion Week: Hugo by Hugo Boss, Marc Cain and Laurél. 



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