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April 21, 2021


Artworks on ArtZolo. Source:

There is a big gap between art produced and art consumed, and Preeti Singhal wants to bridge it. Founding ArtZolo together with her husband, they believe in the progress of art purchase, creating an online market place to facilitate and open up the selling and purchase of artworks to everybody.

With a rapidly growing database consisting of both original works and prints, ArtZolo wants to cater to every type of buyer. For this week's five x five, The Genteel found out more about both the initiative and art from India, Preeti's home country.

1. How does art coming from India differ from other countries?

Indian paintings reflect opulent culture and heritage of the country. They boast of human figures and the beauty revolving around life, depicting the time they were created in. Thus every painting has a very time specific message. The art of India is unique, ornate, filled with bright colours, and rooted in religion and tradition.

For ages, art buyers would prefer taking a look at the artwork with their naked eye before spending a lot of money on it. Now we rely on HD images.

2. What role do you think art plays in India? 

Art is currently being used to bind the youth with previous generations using powerful illustrations. It has also been used as a medium to bring out change in modern times.

As an example, aspiring to change one of the cities in India where people consume chewing tabacoo in huge quantities and spit out the juice on streets/common places, making it not only look ugly, but also passes a very bad message to other people about behaviour and conduct.

An art based NGO decided to create art murals which literally changed this behaviour and stopped spits both on the walls as well as in locations nearby.

3. Where do you stand on the importance of seeing art in real life? Is it possible to loose something of the experience when seeing an artwork exclusively online?

For ages, art buyers believed that they would prefer taking a look at the artwork with their naked eye before spending a lot of money on it. Those were also attributed to factors of negotiating and the ability to close a deal on the spot.

With technology becoming more accurate, we are now relying on HD images to get a detailed view of the image. Besides mixed media and few artworks, images do have the ability to represent art closer to reality. Had this not been the case art websites would not have emerged to the fore as it has been in the recent past including big names such as,, and many more.

Artwork by Indian artist Milind Varangaonkar. Image courtsey of ArtZolo. 

4. Preeti, you are at the forefront of ArtZolo, from commissioning art to marketing and publicity. How many more "hats" do you wear that we are unaware of? How has it been working in a husband-and-wife-run start-up?

Besides taking lead on marketing and operations, I do involve myself in providing product feedback, testing new features. I occasionally do get into sales depending on the availability of Vishal. Currently both of us manage/divide the entire load. Hence anything for grabs is something that I try to fill in.

Fortunately, we have a different world at work. We deal with things more professionally and are very unbiased. Sometimes we take things a bit personally but that is a part and parcel of what we are doing, we realise it and we enjoy it to a large extent. Both of us have different brain frequency/wavelength, we try to match wherever we can and try to consolidate at other places. Being from different backgrounds does help me learn a lot about the world of technology, which is something that I cherish.

5. What is your favourite piece of art from ArtZolo and by whom?

[The] above image is my favourite artwork from artist Milind Varangaonkar from India whose artworks' subjects are mostly simple and very deep with emotional connotations.

This particular artwork is my favourite as I see so much a reflection of the power in this visual. Times have evolved perceptions have changed and roles women play are more discretely outlined today. Especially that the artist maybe subconsciously chose to let her hold the utensil she carries on her head with left hand as if she chose to carry vast sea of burdens for her family merely with a left hand wearing a innocent smile: that's what our land is truly all about from the days of glory!

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