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August 24, 2019

Rachel Wagner

A thriving beach city, a bastion of good times and good looks, Tel Aviv can feel like an anachronism in these serious times, in this troubled region. In addition to a thriving nightlife, a burgeoning gay tourism culture, and restaurants worth writing home about, the last five years have seen the birth of no less than ten homegrown designer shoe labels. How does one account for such sudden prolificacy in a city of just 400,000?

By Rachel Wagner

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Rachel Wagner

Toronto Canada

Rachel Wagner is a food and lifestyle journalist. Born and educated in Toronto, she spent the better part of her twenties basking in the Tel Aviv sunshine. In addition to writing, Rachel also works in lifestyle television.

Lior Livne and Karni Reshef are the duo behind Liebling, a brand of handmade shoes designed and produced in Tel Aviv, Israel. Now in its fourth year, the brand frequently sells out of its stock and is a darling of the Israeli style press.

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