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March 7, 2021

Honora Shea

Why are there so few fashion designers from mainland China on the global circuit? Some theories suggest that logo trumps originality in a rapidly expanding, mass-producing economy. Luckily, contrary forces are at work. Honora Shea sits down with Zhang Da, leader of China's emerging crop of fashion innovators.

By Honora Shea

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Honora Shea

Beijing China

Honora Shea was born and raised in Pittsburgh, which is also the home of Andy Warhol, french-fry sandwiches, and a truly legendary NFL team. In her early life she aspired to be an architect, but when she realised she couldn't draw, she took up writing about art, design and her favorite cities instead. She currently resides in Beijing (via New York City) where she works for contemporary art gallery. Twitter: @honorashea

In her quest to know more about Thai contemporary art and acquire an education, Honora Shea visits Gallery VER, Bangkok's prevailing "alternative" art space.

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