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March 3, 2021

Sabrina Nanji

Pop-up shops have become the new most fashionable places to be at and buy from. But what's their allure and why are they so darn cool? Sabrina Nanji deliberates.

By Sabrina Nanji

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Sabrina Nanji

Toronto Canada

Sabrina is a Toronto-based magazine writer and editor, following the fashion and music beat of the streets. Always on the lookout for eclectic and unique fashionistas and rock-gods alike, she believes that the average Joe (or Jane) is where the heart of artistic expression lies: on the sidewalks. Currently, she covers the underground music scene in Toronto and, although she is reluctant to admit it, is a closeted chronic video gamer (read: nerd alert!). Twitter: @sabrinananji.

With the upcoming international launch of 46664 Fashion, the Nelson Mandela-inspired collection, fashion is making a political statement. South African designers are applying politically-driven and grassroots theories with wit and a sense of humour to create a style that is garnering attention from around the world. Sabrina Nanji explores the roots behind the bright and bold designs bursting onto the global runway.

When it comes to Kate Middleton's style, the world either loves it or hates it. Sabrina Nanji argues why Middleton has the perfect recipe for classic style, with just the right amount of risk.

Always quick to voice his (often) controversial opinion, Karl Lagerfeld recently dismissed a fellow designer's claim that she was an artist, calling her "second-rate." In doing so, he singlehandedly revived the age-old debate of whether or not fashion can be considered art. Sabrina Nanji argues we're a far cry from runway shows next to Picasso exhibits. 

Long before "Bieber Fever," teen idols pervaded pop culture and were steadily sneaking into the fashion realm. Now, with a vast number of tweeny boppers branding their own collections, is it possible for these wunderkinds to gain real traction on the runway? 

Everybody loves a comeback - Robert Downey Jr., Britney Spears, Betty White, Britney Spears again - but resurrecting the now-defunct Schiaparelli brand has the fashion realm drooling with anticipation.

The Duchess of Cambridge has graced various magazine covers since her royal marriage last year. Although much discussion has been raised about their artistic merits, none has caused quite as much controversy as the August edition of Marie Claire South Africa.

TORONTO - As 20-somethings, funds aren't always available to spend big at your favourite designer digs, making it difficult for women who want to keep their wardrobes up-to-date and de rigueur. Sabrina Nanji experiments with closet staples for the bargain-savvy, to get the most wear out of your gear.

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