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April 12, 2021

Susana Aguirre

Lima Fashion Week (LIF Week) has quickly become the most important platform to showcase Peruvian designers, representing an important effort in developing a more formal, supportive and forward-thinking fashion industry in Peru. But the enterprise is clearly a work-in-progress as both designers and consumers confront the challenges of cultivating a relevant and respected fashion capital. Susana Aguirre examines the current state of fashion affairs in Lima, a city striving to make its mark in the fashion world.

By Susana Aguirre

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Susana Aguirre

Lima Peru

After graduating from the University of Chicago, Susana returned to her native city of Lima, Peru to find a burgeoning fashion scene that continues to captivate her. She's a social scientist with experience in journalism and will soon enjoy the sights, tastes and urban realities of New York City as a graduate student in the Fashion Studies program at Parsons.

In Alta Moda, Peruvian photographer Mario Testino captures the colourful and elaborate dresses worn in the Andean region of Peru, connecting them to the today's world of fashion. Susana Aguirre visits the exhibit, on display until September 2013 at MATE in Lima.

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