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March 2, 2021

Lara Wiedeking

Behind over 40,000 Facebook fans and 6,000 Twitter followers is a woman on a mission: 31-year-old Tanesha Awasthi is quickly filling a void in the blogosphere - showing the world just how good curvy women can look through her blog, Girl With Curves.

By Lara Wiedeking

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Lara Wiedeking

Hamburg Germany

Lara contributes to The Genteel from Hamburg. Lara studied for three years in Hamburg and has a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and Economics. During her studies, she worked for Hamburg-based daily newspapers and magazines. She is currently working on her Master's Degree in Journalism at the German School of Journalism in Munich. Fashion, art and literature are just a few of her interests and she loves to travel.

Organic clothes, fair-trade products and vegan shoes - all for sale in a German shopping gem: DearGoods. Surprisingly, its roots aren't in Berlin, but in Munich, often considered Germany's southern capital of roast, luxury fashion and conservative lifestyle. 

Berlin designer Isabell de Hillerin is trying to preserve a traditional handcraft that provides a future for women in Romania and Moldova. Lara Wiedeking asks de Hillerin about her designs and the social responsibilities of the fashion industry.

Esther Perbandt's androgynous womenswear collections have become favoured by strong, independent women throughout Germany for their clean lines, muted colours and bold men's tailoring techniques. But, as Perbandt explains to The Genteel, sometimes designs that appear black-and-white, conceal a kaleidoscope of complex influences and experiences.

Fashion enthusiasts, here's your chance to direct trends and be the first to see the newest designs to hit the market: vote for the scarf you want to be wearing next season and it will be produced! Such is the business model of Front Row Society, the Berlin-based online fashion boutique that promotes emerging designers through its democratic platform.

In order to protect the planet for future generations, what will the fashion industry need to look like 20 years from now? On November 14 and 15, the brightest minds of the German fashion and textile industries will make their way to the Beyond Fashion Summit in Berlin to discuss a new vision for sustainability - one that involves innovative, technological solutions. The Genteel talked with Fredericke Winkler, one of the summit's organisers, about this year's theme, "Hypernature."

Julia Starp is a young, sustainable fashion designer who takes her design motto - fashion is "art to wear" - literally. For her latest collection, Starp has collaborated with Berlin artist Kiddy Citny, working with his new and unfinished works. The Genteel spoke with Starp before the collection's Berlin Fashion Week showing. 

When Londoners Nora and Paul Battenberg-Cartwright present their label’s latest collection in Berlin today, fashion will collide with their extensive visual arts backgrounds. The result: an unexpected symbiosis on the runway.

This week in 5x5 we’re taking a peek at some of Berlin Fashion Week’s most promising shows. Our correspondent Lara Wiedeking chats with designer Esther Perbandt who presents tonight on the Lavera Showfloor at 19:30 GMT.

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