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August 13, 2020

Valerie Lam

Perhaps the first time you saw it was at the dentist's, cheekily taped to the ceiling. Perhaps it was on the wall at the deli, noticed while waiting in line. Or maybe it first appeared to you in a history textbook. Lunch Atop a Skyscraper is one of the best known American photographs from the 20th century, and yet so little is known about the story behind it. With the arrival of its 80th anniversary, Valerie Lam takes a closer look behind the lens.

By Valerie Lam

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Valerie Lam

Toronto Canada

Valerie Lam contributes to The Genteel from Toronto. She is a magazine editor and freelance writer casting a large-fitted net into the intersections of culture and society. She is captured by the overlooked and interesting in the everyday, has a keen eye for detail, digs like an archaeologist, is a perpetual pedestrian and lover of nuances. Follow her on Twitter @valeriesylam.  

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