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February 28, 2021

Laaleen Sukhera Khan

In recent years, eco-friendly fashion has gained a growing amount of press coverage and has been championed by a whole catalogue of celebrities. Laaleen Sukhera Khan chats with social entrepreneur, Ayesha Mustafa, the mastermind behind growing ethical retailer, Fashion ComPassion.

By Laaleen Sukhera Khan

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Laaleen Sukhera Khan

Islamabad Pakistan

Laaleen has worked in broadcast, print and digital media in New York, Britain and Pakistan, where she founded the Rockville Media Company. She is an editorial columnist, feature writer and blogger for the Express Tribune (published in partnership with the International Herald Tribune) and the Pakistan correspondent for HELLO! magazine in India. She recently joined Oxon Productions, a startup that encourages independent film production and distribution. An avid fan of literary adaptations, Laaleen's first Regency novella is slated for publication in 2013. Follow her on Twitter @laaleen.

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Pakistan's growing fashion industry was an unlikely influence upon the country's recent general elections, held on May 11. Laaleen Khan explores how local designers have been marrying design and politics in their unified vision for Naya Pakistan (a new Pakistan).

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