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April 12, 2021

Lisa Xing

For decades, Giuliana Coen Camerino's groundbreaking handbags had been off the collective fashion conscience. But in the late nineties, the bags experienced a resurgence within the fashion world. Today, the brand that took the handbag from utility to artistry is once again doing what it does best. Lisa Xing speaks with Coen Camerino's daughter, Roberta, and the brand's CEO, Ercole de Cesare.

By Lisa Xing

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Lisa Xing

London Canada

Lisa Xing is a television and radio journalist who also pursues her love of current affairs, arts, culture and society through photography, poetry and features writing. While she currently divides her time between various cities in Southern Ontario, she draws from experiences living on both Canadian coasts, Europe and Asia. Follow her on Twitter @lisaxing

With the ubiquity of smartphones and photography apps like Instagram, the concept of photography has changed dramatically in a short period of time. Lisa Xing explores the mobile photography terrain and the role of the photographer within it.

Fashion schools produce hoards of young designers who hope to have their names grace magazines and labels. However, only a handful will end up realising that dream. Depending on the city, emerging designers face unique geographical challenges that they must overcome.

As more North American manufacturers seek labour overseas, the shoe industry is no exception. But as Lisa Xing finds out, staying true to its roots might just be the secret to the success and longevity of Allen Edmonds, one of the last prominent American shoemakers to keep operations at home.

From poulaines and crackowes, to shutter shades and FiveFingers shoes, the world has seen its share of frivolous fashions over the centuries. Reduced vision and questionable tan lines aside, Lisa Xing explores how fashionable frivolities are hinged upon society's prevailing concept of beauty.

In the course of diplomatic relations, public figures may receive as much commentary for their choice of attire as for what they do and say. As Lisa Xing finds out, fashion diplomacy in cross-cultural relations goes far beyond posing for a photograph in cultural dress. 

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