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February 26, 2021

Flo Mills Lyle

Jess Eaton's stunning but controversial Roadkill Couture clothing line has fashion ethicists spitting feathers, despite her claim that all animals she uses died of natural causes. Flo Mills Lyle asks whether these garments can really be considered morally acceptable.

By Flo Mills Lyle

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Flo Mills Lyle

London UK

In her final year of her English degree at Loughborough University, Flo is eager to get out and see the world. Her love of creative writing along with her ambitious nature have spurred her to embark on a career in journalism, particularly features writing. A loyal fashion follower, Flo is intrigued by clever design and spectacular architecture. Flo has a passion for travel and intends to live in New York for at least part of her life. She is a film fanatic, dog-lover and self-confessed mascara addict. 

For many of today's wearers, the hijab is more than just an expression of religion. Flo Mills Lyle chats with British photographer Sara Shamsavari about her exhibition, London Veil, which highlights the fashionable reality of modern day hijabs in London.

Greece has experienced extensive economic turmoil and devastating unemployment rates in recent years, steadily carving out an uncertain future for the country. But today, Greek youth are taking it upon themselves to turn the Mediterranean country's ill fate around with their creative mindsets.

At the heart of Amsterdam remains an area sheltered from the hustle of the city's thriving tourist industry. A stone's throw from Dam Square, 'De Negen Straatjes', or 'The Nine Streets', can be found connecting the 17th century canals together. Flo Mills Lyle visits some of the unique shops and restaurants that embody this cultural hub's charm.

With billions of dollars spent each year on disguising the signs of aging, what can we make of Cass and Co.'s anti-aging shapewear? In an interview with The Genteel, Cass's president and designer, Susan Ledyard, explains her attempt at cracking the anti-aging market.

With scientific research looking for new and innovative ways to construct fabric, your next outfit could now be found in your fridge, at the bottom of the ocean, or even metamorphose in front of your very eyes. Flo Mills-Lyle looks into some of the more unconventional fabrics being developed today.

Today's market for children's fashion is bigger than ever; increasingly, youngsters are gaining major influence in the fashion scene. But is it acceptable to introduce young children to such an image-focused and often highly critical industry?

In the wake of the 19th edition of Amsterdam Fashion Week earlier this month, Flo Mills Lyle takes a look at the emerging designers set to put Dutch fashion well and truly on the map.

The sister duo behind emerging brand, Sword & Plough, have taken their own experiences with military life to create accessories made from discarded military supplies. The endeavour has also afforded the sisters the opportunity to raise awareness about the work of servicemen and women.

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