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February 26, 2021

Katie Aske

It is often said that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", and yet rarely does society live up to this adage. With the billions spent globally on cosmetics each year in our attempts to recreate modern ideals of beauty, Katie Aske wonders how much we actually understand about the concept of beauty and how it ought to be redefined moving forwards.

By Katie Aske

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Katie Aske

London UK

Katie is a Ph.D researcher studying at Loughborough University. She has a flare for fashion and loves writing. Spending most of her spare time eating out with friends or shopping, Katie fills her life with beautiful people and beautiful clothes (when she can afford to). She's always willing to try new things and push her talents as far as they take her.

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of - and so are their toys, or so we are led to believe. With an increasing amount of gender stereotyping plaguing children's playtime, Katie Aske considers if there is still such a thing as a unisex toy?

London-based knitwear designer Katie Jones, who graduated from Central Saint Martins earlier this year, will be showing her hand-crocheted and patterned knit collection at Brighton Fashion Week next week. Katie Aske gets to the heart of Jones' inspiration.

In anticipation of her first collection for Dear Frances, Katie Aske talks to Sydney-born shoe designer Jane Frances, who shows us there is a lot more character in shoes than we realise.

Bhutan's Royal Textile Academy is not only teaching the traditional art of weaving and preserving the culture of Bhutanese textiles, but it is hoping to aid the economic growth of the country.

As waist sizes of the general population continue to grow, vanity sizing - decreasing labelled clothing sizes while actual measurements remain the same - has become more prevalent. Although flattering, vanity sizing is disguising a much bigger health issue. Katie Aske investigates.

We've all seen Marc Jacobs in his Prada pencil skirt and Kayne West in his custom Givenchy leather kilt. But with numerous designers sending male models down the catwalk in this typically "feminine" garment, are we ready to accept the skirt into the male wardrobe?

While the idea of wearing newspapers and tin cans might conjure up images of Oscar the Grouch, "trashion" just might be the future of fashion design.

The Salomon Contemporary gallery's latest exhibition, Ladies & Gents, is a provocative exploration of gender perception through painting, print, sculpture and even a puppet. Featuring the works of 16 artists, the works challenge ideas of traditional femininity and masculinity.

China is seizing its place on the fashion map. With its growing international reputation, the country's top fashion organisations have launched the first ever show for university fashion graduates. Katie Aske surveys the talent from China's inaugural Graduate Fashion Week.

The hat is one of those accessories that we all have lurking in our closet - whether it is the one your grandma knitted, or an impulse buy that you are still plucking up the courage to wear outside. The hat is a staple of British fashion, and one that Moody & Farrell makes beautifully.

Until recently, much of the erotic art associated with early-modern Japanese culture has been forbidden from public viewing. The 'Shunga: Sex and Pleasure in Japanese Art' exhibition currently at The British Museum allows a peek beneath the beautifully embroidered sheets.

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