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February 26, 2021

Alex Korchynski

William Morris: renowned textile designer of the late-nineteenth century, founder of the Arts and Crafts movement, fan of Gothic architecture, Renaissance man - and now an artistic influence at New York fashion week. Alex Korchynski observes as Morris's work comes full circle.

By Alex Korchynski

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Alex Korchynski

Toronto Canada

An American in Toronto, Alex was once described by Kanye West in his seminal work All Falls Down as a "single, white female, addicted to retail." She is a hoarder of loafers and is currently working on a dual degree in history and art history at the University of Toronto. You can find her musings (and complaints) on Twitter: @AlexEKorch.

Men's fashion has seen a renaissance of sorts with the inception of London Collections: Men over the past few seasons. Although there were a few stunning avant-garde designs for S/S 2014, Savile Row tailors showed that the classics never go out of style.

The Great Gatsby's costume designer, Catherine Martin, has collaborated with Brooks Brothers on a Jazz Age-inspired menswear collection. As America's finest haberdashery and a personal favourite of F. Scott Fitzgerald's, who better to release a collection worthy of East & West Egg society?

Le Corbusier's use of the technological advances of industrialisation in rational, calculated ways made him one of the 20th century's most influential architects. A couple of New York exhibits and recently published books have made 2013 the summer of Le Corbusier.

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