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July 19, 2019

Ana Manao

"Viktor&Rolf Dolls" recently opened at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto as part of the city's Luminato FestivalFeaturing 31 handmade porcelain dolls, every aspect of every doll is a replica of an original creation by designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren.

By Ana Manao

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Ana Manao

Toronto Canada

Ana is a freelance writer based in Toronto. In a previous incarnation she obtained a PhD in French literature. All things creative, expressive, inspired, inspiring and engaging make her heart sing. She is multilingual and has lived in France and Portugal for extended periods of time. Insatiably curious, she is a voracious reader, bibliophile, neophiliac and truth-teller. She has worked in communications in the corporate sector and in academia, and also as a researcher, writer, editor, translator and yoga teacher. She adores the ocean and has saltwater coursing through her veins. She needs poetry and beauty like she needs the air that she breathes. She owns far too many shoes and handbags.

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