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March 3, 2021

Sarah Plummer

A cultural look at the corset unveils a controversial history. Since its origin in the 1500s, the garment has undergone a radical metamorphosis, blossoming into a revolutionary element of modern day fashion. Whether as underwear or outerwear, the corset is a masterful tool of transformation, which few designers have had the ability, or proclivity, to resist.

By Sarah Plummer

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Sarah Plummer

Toronto Canada

Sarah Plummer contributes to The Genteel from Toronto, Ontario. A former lifestyle editor, her boundless enthusiasm for art, fashion and culture, and how they are inter-mixed in today’s world leaves her knocking on strangers doors, stopping them in the streets and generally making a nuisance of herself. 

Beyond the well-known Toronto neighbourhoods of Riverdale, the Danforth and the Annex: first-time homebuyers are turning to "the woods" of St. Clair West to build their dreams from the ground-up.

Located in Toronto's Annex area, an eclectic community of fashionistas, baristas and artists, is a little women's clothing boutique called Risqué. Venturing into this smart shop is anything but a gamble. A must-visit for any shopping-enthusiast, Risqué boasts a carefully selected collection that's on point every season.

From geisha's to sweatshops; the stuff you wish you didn't know about what lies beneath the fabric. Developing a deeper appreciation of fashion by braving a look at its' darker side, and the role it has played over time as a tool of control and oppression. 

Bertrand Goldberg's passion for design and his belief in a new era of urban living are manifested in one of Chicago's most distinct architectural wonders. 

Art and fashion met centuries ago, and began a delicate flirtation. From painters striving to capture the form, colour and texture of clothing, to models walking the runways draped in masterpieces, Sarah Plummer traces the chronology of art and fashion from the 19th century to today.

While concept stores aren't as prevalent in North America as in Europe and Australia, a few can be found - in their true form - in Toronto. Sarah Plummer sets out onto the streets of Toronto to seek out these multi-purpose, multi-product gems.

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