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March 9, 2021

Paul Aguirre Livingston

Paul Aguirre-Livingston jumps into the ring to tackle the biggest issues facing fashion bloggers today: from compensation and collaboration to defining the blogger's role within the ever-evolving blogging industry.

By Paul Aguirre Livingston

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Paul Aguirre Livingston

Toronto Canada

Paul Aguirre-Livingston writes The Genteel's Life, etc. column.   He plans to spend the next year completing his "26 Things To Do Before 26" list, which includes bungee jumping and watching every Tilda Swinton movie ever made. His work appears mostly in pubs about Toronto like The Grid, BlogTO, and INToronto or in fashion journals like The Block and FILLER magazines. Find him ( online or follow him on Twitter ( 

Everyone just wants everyone to cheer up. It's been the simplest mantra forever - and it's a way of life now. Paul Aguirre-Livingston explores optimism in all its glory.

Have you meet Krane? Toronto-based designer Ken Chow and his label, Krane, are just one of the many faces elevating the menswear market in Canada. 

E-commerce shopping websites, along with bigger retailers, are exploring new ways of connecting with their customers, ways that seem to transcend traditional editorial models. Paul Aguirre-Livingston explores the next incarnations of the mail-order catalogue. 

This week in Life, etc., Paul Aguirre-Livingston explores the one thing closest to all of our hearts, if not our minds: our hair.

The Genteel chats with the incomparable Denise Cronenberg, creative mastermind behind the costumes of critically-acclaimed and award-nominated films like A History of Violence and most recently, A Dangerous Method. Cronenberg opens up about working with her director-brother David, the intricacies of working with the ultra-famous, and the future of a tough fashion niche.

In this week's Life, etc., Paul Aguirre-Livingston explores the fashionphile's obsession with self image. Is being who you are starting to feel a little too fake?

In this week's Life, etc., Paul Aguirre-Livingston looks at the proliferation of Twitter: how it has changed our lives and created unsuspecting fashion stars. Can microblogging and minute-sharing go any further?

The oldest way of doing things is now being pegged as "a way of life." In this week's Life, etc., Paul Aguirre-Livingston explores how the do-it-yourself "movement" continues to transform and explode in everything from fashion to television marketing to education and beyond.

In the era of the personal brand, should we embrace the "signatures" and personal trademarks, inadvertent or deliberate, that continue to define us? Paul Aguirre-Livingston wonders if they are ultimately enslaving us.

Life, etc.

It seems we're on the cusp of an outbreak of "Marilyn Fever." Is Monroe a style icon or a sex symbol? Can she be both?

Popular culture seems to preach and demand - or, at the very least, wants to believe it values - self-expression. In the Internet age, where fashion is fluid and individuality is curated, Paul Aguirre-Livingston wonders: "How do we feel about men in high-heeled shoes?"

The Genteel chats with Los Angeles-based creative whiz Steven Harrington about the intersection of art and fashion, the nature of craft and inspiration, and his new collaboration with footwear brand, Generic Surplus.

If nothing else, fashion defied - and redefined - its age barriers this year. In Life, etc., Paul Aguirre-Livingston asks if 2011 was the year of being forever young, or young at heart.

Brad Pitt will be the new face of Chanel No. 5 this fall. But, like, why?

In this week's Life, etc., Paul Aguirre-Livingston looks at the relationships between mentors and students, and why they are vital to the sustainability and livelihood of any industry.

Is diversity on runways becoming more representative? In this week's Life, etc., Paul Aguirre-Livingston checks in on how the industry is navigating the debatably thin, way-young, almost always white girl stereotype.

Paul Aguirre-Livingston addresses the question of "privileged" writers and so-called "priv-lit." Should what these writers have or have not had - before, now, or ever - matter? 

With the holiday season upon us, and Black Friday-slash-Cyber Monday stats indicating we're spending a whole lot of money, Paul Aguirre-Livingston wonders how mobile shopping apps are poised - now more than ever - to change the future of everyday buying in both retail and online environments. 

With online sales spiking, and brick-and-mortar sales struggling, are we happy to embrace a new era of retail therapy? 

From Napoleon and Josephine to Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg to Kim Kardashian and just about every other Hollywood couple, is the era of great love stories as we've come to know them dead?

In the year's first Life, etc., Paul Aguirre-Livingston resolves to re-define risk and resolutions.

Summer's gone, and she didn't even say goodbye. But that's true of most things in life, isn't it? People. Places. Things. In our childhood reveries, and in our subsequent adult aspirations, did you ever picture your life to look as it does?

Life, etc.

In Toronto, fashion week tents have sprung up for another set of Canadian shows. With each new season, it's getting harder to ignore the flurry of other fashion weeks enthralling the globe. Still fairly under the radar, Toronto's fashion week is poised to join the big leagues, with shows bringing in notable designer expats and runway celebrities.

Friendships can last a lifetime, but not without periods equivalent to Chinese water torture.

In this week's Life, etc., Paul Aguirre-Livingston goes on a quest to uncover the intricacies of being inspired in a transient world.

Can being "quarterlife" stop being a crisis? Paul Aguirre-Livingston talks aging and mortality while we're still young.

There is no feeling quite as beautiful as the feeling of nostalgia. At least for me there isn't. I don't know what happened in the world or when I became obsessively attracted/attached to things I discarded so quickly in youth, but I can't seem to cease getting terribly excited about anything that isn't digital or virtual or state-of-the-art or high def or whatever fancy thing we've invented and perpetuated as the must-have cultural norm.

What is it about travel that always makes you homesick? I've been thinking about the idea of family lately. What it means, and what it doesn't. Who is, and who isn't. Is blood thicker than water? That sort of thing. Maybe it's that I've started watching Gilmore Girls for the first time, from the beginning. Maybe it's that I'm in the middle of a trip with one of my best friends visiting her family, a trip that stands to test the bonds between mother and daughter, and the ties between the people that hold it all together. Maybe I'm feeling guilty.

In this week's Life, etc., let's talk about love. We've entered into an era of shameless emotional connections, prompting "love hangovers" across a generation that binges too much and regurgitates it even harder. Paul Aguirre-Livingston wonders, why do we want it? What does it mean? And can we learn to love everything a little less, even if Valentine's Day is right around the corner?

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