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April 22, 2021

Charlotte Herrold

Canada Goose is the go-to brand for stylish, functional parkas - not just in Canada, but across the world, counting Drake and Emma Watson among its famous fans. The Genteel catches up with the Canada Goose president and CEO, Dani Reiss, to find out how he spun the company's heritage into gold.

By Charlotte Herrold

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Charlotte Herrold

Toronto Canada

Charlotte Herrold is a magazine editor, fiction writer and freelancer. Her work has appeared in ELLE CanadaFashion Magazine and The Grid, among other publications. She writes for The Genteel from Toronto and occasionally, when she's lucky, from other exciting places around the world (read: she's got a serious travel bug).

Charlotte Herrold speaks with Shelley Wickabrod, one of Toronto's best-loved designers from the 1980s, about her about life after loss, her new memoir, forging a career in fashion and her advice for industry hopefuls.

The fashion business is a notoriously difficult one to break into, but perhaps one of the reasons for its perceived inaccessibility is that industry hopefuls fail to recognize the plethora of job options outside of the holy trinity of editor-designer-stylist. In this series, we highlight the individuals working "behind the seams" and solicit their advice on how to succeed in a competitive job market.

With two highly successful digital retail brands under her belt, Joanna Track has unquestionably become one of the most influential women in the Canadian marketplace. Charlotte Herrold met with Track to find out what continually drives her forward.

Behind the Seams is a regular series that shines the spotlight on individuals working in less traditional roles within the fashion industry. This instalment features the ladies (and gentleman) of The CoveteurThe Genteel spoke with Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark about their day-to-day, dreams coming true and their steadfast determination to do what they love.

In this series, we highlight individuals who have forged successful career paths in the fashion industry by diverging from more traditional routes. In this installment, we speak to Jonathan Elias, an entrepreneur at the helm of two innovative retail enterprises -, an online marketplace for pre-owned clothing, and lost & found, lauded as the best new store to open in Toronto in the past year. 

Behind the Seams is a regular series that shines the spotlight on individuals working in less traditional roles within the fashion industry. This instalment features Mark Johnson, a corporate lawyer who took a leap of faith by launching Kovalum, a retail line inspired by a jacket passed down from his father.

For the past seven years public relations agency, NKPR, has welcomed some of cinema's brightest stars into it's IT Lounge; a unique gifting suite devised to accommodate celebrity visitors of the Toronto International Film Festival. As this year's TIFF program kicked into gear, The Genteel's Charlotte Herrold spoke to NKPR President Natasha Koifman about her agency, the IT Lounge and collaborating with Patrick Demarchelier.

Over the past decade, a number of shop collectives have popped-up throughout Toronto. Charlotte Herrold explores the reasons behind their emergence - and their success.

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