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April 21, 2021

Cate Lorimer

When style blogger Suze announced on Twitter that she would not be do any shopping for the next six months, her readers had all sorts of opinions. Never phased by a thrift fashion challenge, Cate Lorimer tracked down Suze to get the goods.

By Cate Lorimer

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Cate Lorimer

Toronto Canada

Cate Lorimer has three passions in life: writing, vintage shopping and traveling.  Professionally a copywriter working in advertising, her true passion lies in exploring the written word. She has a desire to share her stories and experiences that happen off the beaten path. You can check out her blog dedicated to her vintage treasures at

Meet The Deadly Nightshades: a group of seven Canadian designers that have the collective goal of injecting soul into the fashion industry - with the help of matching jackets and bicycles. Cate Lorimer speaks to the group about its raison d’être, The Style Spin and its on-going creative projects.

For my first visit to London, England, my priority was not Big Ben, Buckingham Palace or St. Paul's Cathedral. Arriving in London on a Saturday, I took the first train out of Heathrow to the famous Portobello Antiques Market.

It started with trips to the local Value Village, which led to consignment shopping in New York City and vintage stores specializing in era-based fashion. Wearing my finds like trophies, my friends took notice and let me know of places I had to scope out. Last week, a friend told me about her favorite vintage store, Pretty Freedom.

My sojourn to Europe this summer would not have been complete had I not visited Sweden, where I used to live in my early 20s. A wardrobe top up was in order, and I had my sights set on Stockholm and Göteborg. While not a fashion heavy weight, Sweden is a bastion of design, which has given way to itself as notable contender when it comes to threads. 

We all have our vivid childhood memories, and mine seem to be centred on playing dress up, a habit that has followed me into young adulthood. It all started - my love for thrift store shopping, I should say - with a treasure trunk. Passion turned into skill, and I now find myself in a position to impart wisdom when it comes to building a second hand wardrobe. A myth debunk is in order: thrift shopping need not result in tatty purchases. This is a guide for the stylish and sensible. 

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