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March 4, 2021

Alice Hlidkova

Parisian photographer Bruno Ruffini has traveled around the world to cast women of all ages and colour for his dramatic series entitled "Woman in a Bath." Neither stomping on emotions nor crossing comfort boundaries, he deftly manages to push emotional and physical boundaries to create art that is "erotique". Ruffini makes a stop in Beirut to shoot a pair of tango dancers.

By Alice Hlidkova

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Alice Hlidkova

New York City United States

Alice is a freelance journalist based in Brooklyn, New York City. She enjoys exploring different corners of the world, reporting on culture and travel, design and environment and sustainability, and other topics she finds interesting. Her curiosity has led her to trek uncommon destinations such as the contours of Kurdish hills in Iraq and Alpine lowlands in Slovenia. Alice shares her love for traveling and writing on her personal website:

Czech emigre, Blanka Matragi, swept the Middle East with her couture gowns before returning to her native country to design street wear. While her fashion empire catered to the rich for the past thirty years, dressing Persian royal women, her new approach celebrates the average woman.

Alice Hlidkova spends the afternoon with Aaron Potts, equal parts fashion designer and stationary illustrator, uncovering his couture stationary collection. His greeting cards, much like his runway designs, boast bold shapes, joyful colours, intricate details, and almost always channel a woman's inner fashion diva.

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