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September 26, 2018

Shardae Jobson

For as long as some of us have been around, New York City has been considered an epicenter of exaggeration in all forms. While the Big Apple continues to attract and breed starry-eyed individuals, the city has changed, and that's no secret. New Yorkers still look chic and of the moment, but has their once snarky, extreme flair for style actually become...ordinary?

By Shardae Jobson

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Shardae Jobson

New York City United States

Shardae Jobson contributes for The Genteel from New York City. Boston-bred and New York City-based, Jobson is perpetually intrigued by the arts and societal matters and she expresses her curiosity through her love of writing.  Jobson seeks to ask provocative questions and uncover the underbelly of the surroundings that simultaneously influences us. She has a particular love for music, the craft of fashion, literature and visionaries.

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