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September 25, 2018

Kate McFarland

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at fashion design or marketing? Thanks to new technologies, now you can more easily than ever before. Kate McFarland explores how the digitisation of luxury brand promotion has begun to blur the line between fashion creators and consumers.

By Kate McFarland

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Kate McFarland

Ottawa Canada

Kate McFarland is a journalism student at Carleton University in Ottawa.  When not fighting losing battles with her wanderlust or going for long walks with her four-legged equine best friend, she loves to let F. Scott Fitzgerald, Nabokov and Emily Bronte steal her away for hours at a time. Unfortunately for her, she also has a terrible addiction to shoes.

Ralph Lauren is taking us to Downton Abbey for Fall 2012, and the fashion world is swooning. What about Downton Abbey and its fashions is so appealing to an audience facing difficult economic times? Kate McFarland explores how the illusion of luxury in fashion and entertainment can provide escapism from economic turmoil.

Ten short years after Kate Middleton famously strode through the first 2002 show in her notorious see-through dress, Don't Walk has raised over £100,000 for various charities. Funds from this year's show will go to Zamcog, a charity dedicated to raising funds for the Shitima School in Zambia. The Genteel's Kate McFarland chats with creative director, Soukaina Ben Ali, about one of the 2012 show's biggest inspirations: the fight for freedom of expression.

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